e-Learning & Comms

with features that matter:

  • Easy to use
  • From Zoom recordings to professional video content
  • Track completion and engagement
  • Automatically send reminders

Designed for people...

Knocast is designed to keep learning to your content. Using Knocast as a user is easy - 'one click' and your courses, quizzes and organisation's messages are there.

View your progress and know that at any time, you can request support about the topic your viewing.

Easy for managers

Learning Management Systems - LMS - are often complex and require their own learning curve. Knocast is designed to be easy to use for managers and administrators, from the get-go.

Create courses, upload content, and assign to users in just a few clicks! Then Track user engagement and progress, with the ability to send reminders to users to alert them to new content, or to give them a gentle nudge.

Knocast is also an ideal way to share (and easily control who sees) messages and corporate updates. You can send content to groups such as team or department members, all staff or all stakeholders.
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Perfect for the office,
home workers or hybrid working

The world of work is still changing for many organisations and many of your people may be in different places at different times. Knocast is a simplified LMS designed to support your organisation, no matter where your people are.

If you change working styles, you won't need to change the way you work with Knocast.

Create multiple-choice quizzes or surveys

Ensuring your viewers have understood the content is critical to the success of any training or communication. Our straightforward quiz system allows you to create multiple choice questions and assign them to your courses. You can set the pass mark and have the option of controlling retakes.

This helps you understand who needs more support and perhaps more usefully, if your content has delivered on its objectives.

We can help create your content

Knocast can take every kind of video training and communication content, from Zoom recordings and screen capture videos to specially filmed courses.

We can help design, script and film your content. Our company also operates a complete Video Production Studio, so we can edit existing content (including your Zoom or Teams recordings), film new content quickly at our studios, or create a complete e-learning course, corporate update video or even live stream at your location.

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QR codes at the point of need

Knocast automatically creates a QR code for your content, intended to be used at the point of need. Your people have immediate access to knowledge, advice and visual walkthroughs. Reduce downtime, improve productivity and ensure people feel supported and confident. Ideal for short topical content for operations, maintenance, health and safety, or even product information. Apply them to:

  • Employment or product manuals
  • Aspects of the office, factory or warehouse environments
  • Equipment & machinery control panels and maintenence components

CASE STUDY: Retailers or Franchisors can use Knocast QR codes to provide easy access to training and support for standard procedures. This is particularly efficient for organisations with a flow of new starters, or where managers are not always on site to support their junior staff.

Works on desktop & mobile

No web application should be restricted to the desktop. The Knocast e-learning and communication platform works as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

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